Timber Garden Offices

Garden offices are ideal for small businesses or individuals that would like to separate their work environment from the home. Our offices can be built to spec or produced from our large selection of existing designs.

Cost - garden offices are very affordable when you consider the alternative of an out-of-home office and the purchase cost is an acceptable business tax allowance. Compared to a traditional extension, studios win again on cost, time and disruption.

Value - they add value to your property so the cost is never lost. Garden offices can recoup their cost in as little as two years.

Eco Friendly - garden offices are environmentally friendly when sourced from a reputable company. The commute from home to garden takes only natural footprints, not carbon ones; the best designs have been responsibly sourced. High density insulation makes them thermally efficient, so there will be no excessive heating or cooling costs.

Time - you can conduct business at anytime. There is no need to spend hours driving to the office and no annoying traffic jams.

Quality - All buildings are well built and well designed to provide a comfortable working environment where all modern facilities can be deployed.

Versatility - it affords a versatile space which could double as a guest room. Many offices are available with partitions for toilet/shower rooms and kitchenettes.

  • Bespoke Shed Design
  • Build
  • Window Choice
  • Interior Finish Choice

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Our Timber Design and Creation

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